Yamachiya Natamame Tea (Caffeine Free)


Natamame Tea by Kyoto Yamachiya

3g per tea bag

3g x 30 tea bag

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Natamame or Sword Bean is tropical Old World plant bearing long pods ( about 70 cm long ) usually with red or brown beans; long cultivated in China and tropical country. Old ancient use Natamame Bean  as herbal remedy for treating diseases.

The Natamame tea added 4 other ingredients for its smooth taste and benefits.

Brown rice – Contains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Black bean – One of the soybean varieties. Contains anthocyanins.

Senna Tea – A healthy tea with a long history of roasted legume seeds.

Mulberry  leaves – Contains good quality protein and minerals, inhibit sugar level goes up after meal.

Sword bean tea ingredients is effective for adults who want to keep a healthy life-style among the family.  The Tea also has a good flavour , it is highly appreciated by many young children. 

It is important to drink the tea daily for its optimum benefits.

Natamame tea recommend for people who concern :-

  1. Want to keep refreshing on every day.
  2. To Prevent Bad Breath, be confident when start conversation with co-works, friends and clients.
  3. To enjoy and to maintain healthy lifestyle.
  4. Want to keep family member enjoy drinking tea with no worries.


Natamame Tea Benefits :

Nourishing 滋阴降火

Keep refreshing breath all time 口气淸新

Smooth bowel movements 排便顺畅

Preventing pneumonia because its reduce & remove sticky phlegm in the throat. 喉咙不黏腻

strengthening the immune system 增强免疫系统

reducing diabetes risk

relieving hay fever花粉


Atopy 遗传性过敏

Swelling 肿胀

Periodontal disease牙周病

Stick to consume 1 – 2 tea bags daily to stop the bad breath. Maintain a good drinking habit will keep the mouth odor away from you. Everyone can enjoy a cheerful smile and chatting without hesitation !

How to Consume :

  1. Serving Hot Tea . Put 1 to 2 tea bags in teapot, pout with hot water. Simmer for 5 minutes before consuming.
  2. Serving Hot Tea. Put 1 to 2 tea bags in teapot, low heat cooking for 5 mins.
  3. Serving cold Tea. put 3 tea bags in 1 liter of water as a guide, keep cool in the refrigerator (about 2 to 3 hours), and enjoy.


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