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Room Shampoo


Product detail :

  • A new hair and body wash system which can be utilized while laying on bed or in any position without getting wet.
  • It is connected to your household vacuum cleaner for suction the used water and attach the individual sponge to the head brush. So that the each concave parts and convex parts can be engaged with each other.
  • It is also applicable to use for vet  and the animal that you love without spray around the water.

Model Room Shampoo
  : RS-002
Weight  : Approx 4.3kg
Outer dimension : W340 x D310 x H400 mm
Water supplying tank capacity : Approx 2000 ml
Drain Tank Capacity : Approx 4000 ml
Applicable attached Vacuum cleaner suction force :  400 w or more recommended .

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