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  1. healthyport

    1) Ms Lee , 50 year old . Singapore. I am working as head of Marketing team in one of leading car industry. Uneasy to walk due to knee pain. Have been trying many supplement and glocosamine. None of them works like Shittori Komachi ‘ NANO COLLAGEN PURE SUGAR FREE ‘
    After 2 weeks daily intake of Nano Collagen Pure, i have noticed Knee Pain reduce & skin feel moisture .I feel so happy to walk with confident again

    2) Ms Lau, 39 year old. Mother of 4 children. Working as part time event promoter require to stand almost 10 hour a day. Dry skin especially on feet area, uneasy to walk or stand also due to joint pain. After intensively taking Shittori Komachi ‘Nano Collagen Pure powder’. Problem solved and enjoy walking again.

    3) Ms Cilia Yeo, 43 years old. Dry and dull skin, looking for sugar Free and pure Collagen product in the market due to personal health concern.
    Found Shittori Komachi Nano Collagen Pure match her choice.
    Experience skin moisture impove trenmendously after day and night with one sachet each.

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