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GENPI KUWA CHA(減肥桑茶) Made in Japan “KUWA CHA(Harb Tea)” is one of the most popular products in Japan as a healthy drink. Mulberry leaf inhibits increase in blood sugar levels after meals! Main ingredients Mulberry…


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GENPI KUWA CHA(減肥桑茶) Made in Japan

“KUWA CHA(Harb Tea)” is one of the most popular products in Japan as a healthy drink.

Mulberry leaf inhibits increase in blood sugar levels after meals!


Mulberry leaf



Packing: 25 packs

Weight: 75 g ( 3 g × 25 packs )


  • Effects and efficacy that can be expected from mulberry leaves

Lifestyle disease prevention; sterilization; anti-inflammatory effect; rough skin; skin whitening effect; hair growth promotion; dietary effect; normalization of cholesterol level; intestinal regulation; anticancer effect

  • Symptoms against which mulberry leaves are effective or efficacious

Diabetes; hypertension; anemia; hay fever; metabolic syndrome; menstrual irregularity; deterioration of liver and kidney function



  • Potassium

Promotes water metabolism in the body, and drains waste materials and excessive salt out of the body.

Protects against radioactive material

Improves hypertension

Diet/detox effect

Eliminates cellulite

Eliminates swelling

  • Calcium

Contains about 24 times more than milk. As for iron, it contains roughly 15 times more than natto.

Prevents osteoporosis

Prevents arteriosclerosis

Improves hypertension

Eliminates irritation

Adjusts hormonal balance (female)

  • Chlorophy ll

Can be effective for beauty, such as skin, by cleansing the inside of the body, especially within the intestines.

Also known as “green blood”

Antioxidant effect

Healthy blood effect

Prevents cancer

Prevents and improves anemia

Decreases cholesterol

  • Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ)

Effective in the prevention and improvement of diabetes.

Suppresses rapid rises in blood glucose level that occur after meals

Suppresses excessive calorie intake

Controls excessive absorption of glucose

Improves the secretion of insulin

Eliminates constipation




A study on the effects and efficacy of mulberry leaves is underway at Tohoku University School of Medicine, and one of the results of this research was an observation of lowered blood pressure as an effect of mulberry leaves.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the hypoglycemic effect is the strongest among green plants.

One of the superior abilities of mulberry leaves is their “action against diabetes”.

  • Dieting effect

Suppresses excessive intake of calories

The dieting effect of mulberry leaves has also been confirmed in animal experiments. It inhibits the action of glycolytic enzymes and suppresses the excessive intake of calories.

By suppressing sugar absorption, it is capable of controlling the elevation of blood glucose after meals, which is connected to the prevention of obesity. The ingredients of mulberry leaves also have the effect of preventing fat accumulation on internal organs.

Care should be taken to avoid abdominal obesity, because it triggers diabetes, vascular disease, and various lifestyle diseases.

It plays an important role in suppressing invisible “visceral fat” while also having the superficial weight loss effect we refer to as “dieting”.

In addition, since mulberry leaves contain an abundance of the vitamin B group that is indispensable for energy metabolism, it can be effective in helping the body stay slim more easily.

  • Improvement of liver/kidney function

The GABA and rutin contained in mulberry leaves are effective in improving the functions of the liver and kidneys, because they act to enhance renal function.

In addition, they are likely to have a synergistic effect, because flavonoids/zinc contained in mulberry leaves function to decompose alcohol and suppress its absorption.

  • Prevention and control of hypertension

The GABA contained in mulberry leaves has the effect of suppressing blood pressure and it is said to be effective for the prevention and control of hypertension.

The rutin/zinc contained in mulberry leaves function to keep blood vessels healthy, so they can be expected to have an effect on hypertension.

  • Detox (eliminating constipation)

The DNJ contained in mulberry leaves and dietary fiber is effective for relieving constipation because it functions to discharge waste materials and harmful substances from the body.

  • Anti-Aging

Rutin is a kind of polyphenol that has highly antioxidant effect and is effective for anti-aging, because it functions to remove active oxygen, which is the cause of aging.

In addition, a synergistic effect can be expected, as rutin functions to promote the absorption of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant.

Vitamin C is also an indispensable ingredient for collagen production and can also be linked to beautiful skin.



There are no side effects

Mulberry leaves have been widely used for centuries, and there are no side effects.

“People undergoing treatment for diabetes” should be sure to consult a doctor

It is recommended to consult a doctor, because taking mulberry leaves may suppress the absorption of carbohydrates more than is necessary and may affect the treatment.



The best time to drink is “between 15 minutes before a meal to during the meal”

To maximize the effect of mulberry leaves, it is important to drink “between 15 minutes before a meal to during the meal”. DNJ will prevent sugar that enters the stomach from being absorbed.



To enhance the effect of mulberry leaves it is important to keep taking them daily and regularly. For example, vitamin B cannot accumulate in the body, and the remainder is discharged in the urine, so it should be taken every day.

In addition, the guideline to continue for at least 3 months is because it requires a certain period of time for the intestinal tract to become clean and for the constitution to change.

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