France Bed Powered Lift-up Wheelchair


The “Powered Lift-up Wheelchair” helps the caregivers lifting up the patient by a motorized raising mechanism. To raise the seat, press the up button and hold it until the seat reaches suitable height. To return to a seated position, press the down button and hold until the seat returns to the seated position. The powered lift up wheelchair reduces caregivers’ load and risk of low back pain.



Wheelchair users who need help of caregivers when standing up or transfer



  • Simple two-button control
  • Easy to raise to a standing position
  • Gently lowers to a seated position


Technical specifications

[ S ]
Overall Dimensions: 63 × 96.5 × 88 (W × L × H)
Wheel size: 22inch, 6inch
Seat width: 40cm
Sear depth: 38cm
Seat-to-floor height: 48 / 47cm
Back height: 40cm
Total weight: 18.5kg (Frame/ 10.5kg, Seat/ 8kg)
Weight capacity: 75kg

[ M ]
Overall Dimensions: 64.5 × 97 × 86 (W × L × H)
Wheel size: 22inch, 5inch
Seat width: 38.5cm
Sear depth: 38.5cm
Seat-to-floor height: 40.5 / 41cm
Back height: 40cm
Total weight: 28kg (frame 18kg, lift10kg)
Weight capacity: 100kg
Range of Motion: 0~18n
Material: frame/ aluminium, seat/ polyester
Battery: Lithium ion Battery
Power supply: AC100V (50/60Hz), 15W
Charging time: 2hours
Continuous operating: 130 up-down
Accessories: charger, power cord (length: about 5m)




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