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We would like to introduce the rehab equipment which brand from Japan GG.Gamba which are suitable for health care institution.

We are proud to present to you this Non-electrical Dementia Equipment which is Free Maintenance , user friendly and compliance to nursing home and hospital.

We have client, Nursing Home institution prefers GG Gamba because of some design considerations for the user such as the location of the resistance adjustment knobs at the handles. This makes it easy for the user to adjust the resistance, without having to get off from the machine. This reduces risks of falls and increases the user’s independence during exercise.


Summary of our GG Gamba advantages :

  1. Manual operated concept without power supply is required
    1.  Vs other brand which required power supply to adjust the scare and motor.
  2.  All unit built in with resistance adjustable knot
    1.  (vs local brand which just an manual operated without adjustment knot )
  3. Resistance adjustable knot are installed at reachable position at handle position
    1.  (vs other brand which installed at bottom and require another caregiver to monitor )
    2.  This makes it easy for user to adjust the resistance, without having to get off from the machine.
    3.  This reduce risks of falls and increase the user’s independence during exercise.
  4. Scare of the resistance are predictable by use himself (  0 ~ 25 ; etc Scare 0 = 1.8kg)
    1.  (vs other brand are adjusted base on feeling while using it; other’s brand’s motor are not suitable to aged people)
  5. Oil dampers made by WATA ENGINEERING have very small load variation due to changes in temperature or exercise speed thanks to their accurate hydraulic control.
  6. The user will not be stressed by the hydraulic noise since it is almost inaudible.
  7. ISO Certified   (vs other brand haven’t got any ISO certification yet )
  8. 10 years warranty of manufacturing defective on many body part. (*T&C) ,( excluded wear and tear spare part)
  9. Extremely low maintenance.
  10. The machinery which enable to aged people to exercise under 110 heart rate.


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