Geltron Infant Pillow


Specialise with ergonomic design for infant pillow which allow Baby sleep more comfort and longer to provide lesser tension to new mom-to-be.

Pendent velour design in the middle is to prevent direct pressure to occiput growth and prevent flat head shape

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Geltron Introduction :

Geltron is a Japanese products which reinvented by Mr Keisuke Tanaka, CEO of Pacific Wave Corporation, established at November 4, 1994. It is patented design in a two-layer integrated three-dimensional latticed gummy gel (Gel tron) blocks and Flame Retardant Patented as well at 2016. It is a customized mattress which custom-made by different firmness according to sleeper BMI with 3 body section *Head, Body and Foot.


It is a cutting-edge product which outstanding in breathable, air ventilation, dispersing pressure and enable to cut off the shearing force.


It is unique in the mattress market which enable customized Queen and King Mattress into two individual BMI side by side with three different firmness for a lovely couple.

Size : 22(w) x 22(L) x 0.3 ~ 3 (thk) cm Cover Material : Tower Fabric Cotton 70% , Polyester 30%

  • Correct Baby Head Shape
  • Prevent Flat Head
  • Correct Baby Sleep Position
  • Reduce head orientation
  • Breath ability
  • Washable
  • Cooling Effect
  • Comfort
  • Relieved

Geltron infant pillow is ergonomically designed to help to prevent flat head. With lesser direct pressure from the pillow, the baby’s head is able to form a perfect round shape. The occiput is well taking and provide enough space to growth with round shape.

A good infant pillow for a newborn baby can help to improve the quality of sleep, overall spinal health and alleviate back and neck pain.


Pendent & Flat Design indirectly correct the head positioning and reduce the head orientation.


Recommendation Use for 0 month to 6 months

Thereafter can keep and use for second or third child

Easy to orientate position according the infant baby head, physique and sleeping style.

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