Leather Shoulder Pad


Reduces weight, impact and biting from the bag to the shoulders and arms, as well as anti-slip processing to prevent slippage from the shoulders. Compared to conventional Geltron shoulder buds, it has a compact design, and by using genuine leather on the side ground, it can be used for women’s bags without discomfort. It is possible to attach it to the handle as well as the belt, and it is a specification that can open and close the bag while wearing it. It can be attached to various backs such as business to commuting, leisure bags, etc., it is a new type of shoulder pad that you want to improve the feeling of use of the bag, reduce the burden on the shoulders and arms, and recommend it to women who are worried about the weight of the bag. Available in 3 colors.



Navy, Mocha and Camel


One size : W5 × L14.3× H1.5cm

* Compatible belt width: up to 4 cm

※ Attachable Handle size: Round diameter 1.2 cm / Flat type 2.5 cm

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Navy, Mocha, Camel

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