Alcohol sanitizer spray

It can be used for sanitizing mask external and clothing for further germs and virus prevention

Fast dry type


Just spray it on external of masks and clothing products to sanitize them.

How to use

1) Use 2-4 pushes of the spray with the mouth 10 cm away from the mask or cloth product.

2) This product contains alcohol, so please refrain from using this product if you are sensitive to alcohol, have sensitive skin or have skin problems.

3) After spraying, allow it to dry before use.

4) Please test for discoloration before using on cloth.

5) Ingredients: Ethanol 50% , sodium lactate, etc.


Precautions for use

1) If you feel uncomfortable or have skin problems during use, please pay attention to the specifications. If it gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water without rubbing and consult a doctor.

2) It is not edible. If you do take it, drink water and vomit it out and consult a doctor.

3) Keep out of the reach of children.

4) Do not use on the disposable mask for repeated use

5) Do not use the product for any other purpose.

6) It is flammable, please be careful on to use near the fire

7) Ventilation should be adequate when using the product.

8) Do not use the mask when it is wet.

9) If it gets on building materials or furniture, wipe it off immediately.

Content 100ml * Can be used up to 500 times spray.


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