FranceBed Aromatherapy Spa Green Tea Pillow

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Green Tea Pillow

Height adjustable pillow with green tea ingredients

Made In Japan

Why Green Tea Pillow ?

Green Tea Pillow is the pillow made in Japan using the material formulated with green tea ingredients that are popular not only in Japan but also overseas due to the health-oriented boom.

We use the materials born from ITO EN’s “Tea Leaves Recycling System”.

It is a product that is friendly to people and the environment, with antibacterial and deodorant properties of tea by blending tea leaves.


“Tea Leaves Recycling System”

This is a technology that effectively uses tea leaves of “Oi Ocha”, reusing them as a new ingredient.

It is eco-friendly technology which is friendly to the global environment and also keeps the original functionality of tea.

This activity has a track record of being featured in the US magazine “Fortune

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  • Outer fabric:100% cotton
  • Upper stuffing:100% polyethylene pipe
    (Green tea 0.4kg: Regular 0.9kg)
    Antibacterial deodorization
    Under stuffing:100% polyester cotton

You can open the side zipper and put in or take out the pipes to adjust the height.

Weight 0.5 kg

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