Cool de odor Bed Bag ( Children size )

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  • Blanket with a cooling effect apparently feeling cold when touch.
  • Due to its instantaneously dissipates heat function, it feel cold without heat for each body turn.
  • The The Q-max value (cuff max) representing contact cold sensation is as high as 0.385 W / cm 2, high value.
  • The Blanket is knitted polyethylene yarn with high thermal conductivity (heat dissipating performance) into a soft knitted fabric.
  • Suitable to use on hot weather to enjoy natural cooling effect Blanket.
  • Reverse side of fabric with excellent hygroscopity function.
  • Double Gauze with superior hydroscopic property texture for fabric.
  • The special cotton has a powerful deodorant function and neutralizes and deodorizes the bad smell.


Size: W100 x L150cm



Other Material :Polyethylene 72%, Cotton 28% , inner – Polyester 100%

Lining fabric : 100% cotton ( using deodorant thread )

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