Easy DIY Cartridge Replacement (SGD$59.00)


3 Reasons Versa is the perfect HomeTravel Companion

#1: Versa protects you, wherever you go. Tested scientifically to eliminate

99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens,

moulds and other harmful pollutants in the air, from air

conditioners and on surfaces of beds, cushions, curtains and

carpets of hotel room. Versa protects you from

microscopic dangers, at home or on your travels.

#2: Light. Small. Effective. Weighs lighter than a tablet – only

220 grams. Comes in two models covering 250 sq ft and 450 sq ft


#3: Pick any number of extra colours Versa casing comes in 8 exciting

colours. Get additional colours to suit your mood or design.



Calm Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Pearl White, Happy Green, Sexy Red, Rose Gold, Classic Titanium and Pastel Pink

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