[Promotion] Phytoncide 100% Natural Spray (Buy 1 Get 1)


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  • High sustainable strong deodorant effect · Antibacterial · Antifungal realization!
  • Strong elimination of multiple bad smells in living environment and sterilization (garbage, tobacco, pet odor, clothing, mold smell, kitchen)
  • Deodorizing surroundings, disinfection, antibacterial (toilet / bathroom / bedding / toilet / shoes)
  • Deodorization with narrow space spraying, disinfection, insect repellent
  • (Inside the interior, in the car, in the refrigerator, in the washing machine, within the microwave oven)
  • If it is repeatedly sprayed to the living space routinely, it decomposes harmful chemical substances and suppresses scattering of dust etc.
  • Realize a healthy air environment.
  • It releases natural negative ions with high sustaining effect.
  • Extract forest bath components from more than 100 kinds of plants that are grouped in Japan and solution them by our own formulation and manufacturing method.
  • It has a screening ability, acts aggressively on substances harmful to the human body, and leaves beneficial substances.
  • Natural ingredient.
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