HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables Thermos Set


HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables x Thermos Special Collaboration


HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables is made from freshly cut vegetables from Kumamoto prefecture, dried and processed. Without adding glucose, HOSHIKO condenses the natural flavour and sweetness of vegetables. Seasoning is not included. It can be stored at room temperature, so you can stock up on vegetables. Enjoy a vegetable-packed dish whenever you want. This can help compensate for a lack of vegetables. This also reduces food waste.


This set of HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables (includes 5 soup kits, single-use packaging) and soup jar from the popular brand Thermos is easy for first-time users. In the morning, just toss in the HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables and your favourite ingredients and condiments into the soup jar, and add hot water! Soup jars heat the ingredients while also keeping them warm. A warm, healthy soup will be ready for lunchtime. Especially recommended for those who feel their diet lacks vegetables and seek a healthier diet. Also recommended for okayu (Japanese rice porridge) or bento. Single-use packaging allows for various use.


1 Thermos Vacuum-insulated Soup Jar (300ml) (Colors available: blue, pink and white)


HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables (includes 5 soup jar kits, each kit includes recipe)

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