HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables (Set of 4)

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HOSHIKO Dried Vegetables is made from freshly cut vegetables from Kumamoto prefecture, dried and processed. Without adding glucose, HOSHIKO condenses the natural flavour and sweetness of vegetables. Seasoning is not included. It can be stored at room temperature, so you can stock up on vegetables. Enjoy a vegetable-packed dish whenever you want. This can help compensate for a lack of vegetables. This also reduces food waste.


30g x 4 flavours


1) [Japanese Vegetable Mix (30g)] Mixture of onions, cabbage, Japanese mustard spinach and Chinese cabbage
=> Suggest for miso soup, ramen, soups, shiraae (mashed tofu salad) and stir-fries


2) [Vegetable Mix (30g)] Mixture of onions, bell peppers and green peppers
=>  Suggest for soups, salads, marinades and pasta dishes


3) [10 Vegetable Mix (30g)] Mixture of onions, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, Japanese white radish, burdock root, Japanese mustard spinach, celery and bell peppers
=> Suggest For soups, omelettes, stews and hamburger steaks


4) [Onions (30g)] Onions
=>  Suggest For sandwiches, salads, stir-fries, curries and soups

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