Geltron Shoulder Pad (S Size)


Geltron shoulder pads reduce bag weight and steaming by simply attaching them to the shoulder belt of your bag. Because it has a non-slip effect, it prevents slippage from the shoulder and improves the feeling of use of the bag. It is recommended not only for those who are worried about stiff shoulders due to heavy bags, but also for children’s school bags. Please choose from three types of sizes, S, M, and L according to the size of the bag.



S : W15 x L17.5 x H1.5cm . Compatible belt width : up to 4.5cm

M : W17.5 x L23.5 x H1.5cm . Compatible belt width : up to 5.5cm

L Size: W24 x L28 X H1.5cm, Compatibe belt width : up to 8.5cm


Color : Black

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