Healthy Port

About Us

Meisei & Co., Ltd was founded in 1934 as a trading company specializing in raw materials for chemical products at the beginning stage. In March 2005, Meisei embarked on a fresh start as a member of the TCS Holdings Group. With the recent transformation of the business environment, to better serve the needs of our customer, we have undertaken several concrete initiatives as part of our efforts to develop new commodities. Our ability to consistently provide information on new materials and technologies has helped us grow together with our business partners. We run our overseas bases to capacity in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the United States, to contribute to cost reductions and stable operations for customers through rapid and accurate delivery, gathering and supplying the latest information, especially in new field silver age industry.

Healthy Port is a flagship of Meisei, located at Takashimaya which works very closely and branded as silver age products and services provider for domestic healthcare. Healthy port is appointed as Sole Agent with renowned Japanese brand such as FranceBed, Geltron, Asahi, and  Esaki, ready to serve those quality concern group of client and procures and supply to local healthcare institution such as nursing home and hospital. Please call +656744-0231 or email for further information.